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We try to keep all of the chilis on the page noted above in stock all year long for your convenience. However, due to market demand, climate, growing conditions, etc. AVAILABILITY AND PRICES will vary from time to time.

We work closely with our producers so if you have a "special" chili pepper need or request let us know and we will try to help.

Please contact me directly at 214-369-7706 to discuss your DRIED CHILI needs.


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Our mission is to provide YOU with the Highest Quality Dried Chili Peppers available including color, flavor, heat and presentation at the best possible price.

We can do this by working directly and closely with reliable Mexican Chili growers and processors.

Our dried chilis are the "real deal", chilis grown, dried and processed in Mexico, not brought in from other countries and processed there.  

We hand select, clean, dry and import only the finest and most authentic and popular Mexican Chilis.....always being concerned with product freshness and cleanliness.

We are FDA inspected and constantly monitor our providers handling and processing methods
and techniques to insure high product quality and safety standards.     

We try to keep significant inventories of all our chilis all year long for customer convenience however due to market demand, weather variations, growing conditions, etc. AVAILABILITY
and PRICES will vary from time to time.

We ship all over the country and since we work directly with Mexican growers if you have a request for a "special or hard to get" chili pepper, let us know and we will try to help.

Our full line of chili peppers includes: Dried ANCHO Chili Pepper, Dried ARBOL Chili Pepper, Dried CASCABEL Chili Pepper, Dried CHIPOTLE Chili Pepper,
Dried GUAJILLO Chili Pepper, Dried MIRASOL Chili Pepper, Dried MORITA Chili Pepper, Dried MULATO Chili Pepper, Dried NEW MEXICAN Chili Pepper,
Dried PASILLA Chili Pepper, Dried PEQUIN CHili Pepper, and Dried PUYA Chili Pepper.

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